BRUTAL. Richard Grenell Body Slams Creepy Democrat Impeachment Scammer on Twitter

Former US Ambassador to Germany and Acting Director of National Intelligence (DNI) Richard Grenell just body slammed one of the participants in the fraudulent and criminal Ukraine impeachment. 

Danial Goldman is a sleazy attorney the Deep State used as an expert witness in the Democrat’s unconstitutional and criminal impeachment of President Trump.  The creepy Goldman claimed his non-bias in House proceedings while at the same time the unimpressive Goldman was used by Adam Schiff, the most dishonest US Representative in US history, to question Deep State witnesses.  The entire charade was a embarrassment and is now never mentioned by Democrats as they run for elections in November.  They now realize it was a travesty of justice.

Republican Representative Matt Gaetz questioned Goldman when he was used as an expert witness by the Democrats and not questioning Deep State liars:

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As noted above, Mr. Goldman is not as impressive as he thinks.  Yesterday he got it handed to him in Twitter by former Acting DNI Grenell.  It started Grenell responded to a tweet by Goldman claiming creepy Goldman and Adam Schiff were the poster boys for manipulation:

Next Grenell responded to Goldman’s response with a near check mate:

The Deep State crooks are not impressive because they just aren’t that smart.  It takes a lack of moral intelligence to lie and hate the way the Deep State Democrats do.

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