BREAKING: Gateway Pundit, Jim Hoft Suspended From Twitter After Posting Shocking Voter Fraud Footage

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The official Twitter account of Gateway Pundit, run by its founder, Jim Hoft, has been suspended from Twitter. It is unclear whether the suspension is permanent, or what may have provoked Twitter to take such an action against one of the country’s leading conservative news publications.

Cassandra Fairbanks, a reporter at Gateway Pundit, previously revealed that she had been temporarily suspended from the platform, and informed her followers that, as she returned, Hoft received a temporary suspension.

It is unclear whether Hoft’s suspension remains temporary, as Twitter now provides language about Gateway Pundit’s Twitter ban that is identical to the language used when Twitter permanently bans an account.

Fairbanks seems to have suggested the ban is permanent.

The ban comes one day after The Gateway Pundit published never-before-seen footage that appeared to show election officials in Michigan receiving truckloads of ballots long past the deadline. The footage coincides perfectly with the late night surges that pushed Joe Biden over the top after most Americans went to bed on November 3, believing President Donald Trump had been reelected.

On her Twitter account, Fairbanks notes that the timing is extremely conspicuous, and suggested it may relate to the late night “vote dumps” that made Joe Biden the election winner.

Launched by Hoft in 2004, The Gateway Pundit is now read by “over 2.5 million unique readers every day visit TGP,” and “The Gateway Pundit is ranked as one of the top 150 websites in America, based on Alexa rankings,” per the website’s About section.

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