BREAKING: Colorado High School Students Perform Mass Walkout In Protest Of Mask Mandates, Chant ‘No More Masks’

National File

Students located in at least two Colorado high schools are currently executing a mass walkout in protest of restrictive and widely criticized mask mandates as of Wednesday afternoon. Students have been seen chanting “No more masks” as mask-supporting school officials complain on social media and in press releases.

Legend High School, located in Douglas County School District RE-1, was the site of the first walkout. Students chanted “USA! USA! USA!” and held signs in support of individual liberty and Constitutional rights. Numerous vehicles that passed by the protest slowed and honked their horns in support.

Other protests followed suit, including at Thunder Ridge High School.

Several governors have already moved to ban the forced masking of children in schools, and parents around the country have mobilized to protest against mask and vaccine mandates.

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  1. There’s literally been like 1 dozen children under 18 that have died OF sars-cov2-19 in the last year. Not WITH – they got the infection and they died of the actual disease.

    The chance of a kid dying of this disease is 1 in 1/2 million. They have a greater chance of being killed by lightning, literally.

    Our overlords aren’t this stupid. They’re just doing this make life miserable and put the “little people” in their place. In which case they should be removed. If they are this stupid, they’re really stupid, in which case they should be removed.

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