Biden’s lack of restraint: Disastrously intentional

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By Mike Pottage

Joe Biden is a national disgrace. In less than nine months he destroyed the economy, besmirched the U.S. internationally and cast aside all the mutual aid and military pacts instituted since the last world war, oppressed the Bill of Rights – and the bully-in-chief shows no signs of slowing his assault upon constitutional government. He is actively seeking to confiscate all semi-auto firearms while at the same time providing the Taliban terrorists with 358,500 fully auto military rifles and enough ammunition to wage a war. The Biden policy, no matter what the topic, is at conflict with reality.

Yes, Joe Biden is a piggish man, a coward and a bully. When cornered Biden wags his finger in people’s faces, blusters and then lies. Yes, Biden always has been a government man. Government is good, and free enterprise is greedy and selfish – that’s how the man thinks. But what is he up to as president?

When one assembles the Biden record, the question becomes, “What motivates this man?” The first thing to set aside is political acumen. No politician would do so much obvious damage so fast if he planned to seek reelection. His political party would not allow these excesses if it felt the public might have a choice in the next election. Biden and the Democratic Party, however, are unrestrained by the Constitution and unafraid of the voters, as if there were no significant opposition that cannot be kissed off by the media’s liberal use of party talking points and fabricated election results.

Two thoughts come to mind. First, perhaps Joe Biden was told by the physicians he had months left and would never make it four years. With that in mind, perhaps Biden decided he was going to do all the things he wanted to do the past 50 years and damn the consequences. Perhaps he reasoned his legacy would be the creation of Chinese-style socialism in America, and the Democratic Party would be left to hold on to his deeds. He certainly has no opposition within the Democratic Party.

Or perhaps Joe Biden and the Democrats, fresh from the theft of the 2020 elections, know there will never be another fair election in America. If the party feels its power is unassailable, it would explain its radical plunge into socialism.

Regardless, Biden is operating without restraint. And in a republic, that cannot happen. Either Biden and the Democratic Party go, or the republic ends.

Mike Pottage has spent more than 50 years as a newspaper editor, columnist and reporter based in California.

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