Biden’s Camp Bans Local Media From PA Event While Biden is Speaking, Only Fake News ‘National Outlets’ Allowed

Joe Biden is speaking at an event in Lancaster, Pennsylvania on Thursday at 2:45 local time.

According to Biden’s campaign, the 2020 Democrat presumptive nominee will meet with families to discuss the ‘Affordable Care Act.’

But local media is banned.

Biden’s camp is not giving access to local media reporters.

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Ty Lohr, a journalist for Lancaster Online said he is not allowed inside the building while Biden is speaking.

“Only national outlets. When I asked why, I was told “space restrictions.” Disheartening to know that local media isn’t allowed to fully cover this event inside and out.” Ty Lohr said.

So who’s allowed to cover Biden’s event?

According to Ty Lohr, fake news outlets such as the New York Times, CNN, ABC, NBC and the Daily Beast are allowed inside the building.

Basically, all fake news outlets who are Biden’s allies are allowed to cover the event.

For those keeping track, it has been 84 days since Joe Biden’s last press conference.

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