Biden’s Adviser To Pick Federal Judges Was Accused of Physically Assaulting Children, Nudity

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Joe Cotchett, the Joe Biden fundraiser and longtime friend who is largely responsible for the Biden administration’s upcoming federal judge picks, was accused by his ex-wife in his divorce case of physically abusing his children and making his daughters uncomfortable for walking around naked in front of them.

Politico Playbook reported: “The Biden administration’s transition team has tapped powerhouse Bay Area attorney Joe Cotchett to chair a key committee to recommend federal judges to Biden. “You saw what Trump did, in appointing 200-plus federal judges,’’ he told POLITICO in an interview. Cotchett’s friendship with Biden goes back 45 years — so, he said, he has agreed to help the new administration work quickly to identify qualified federal judges who will apply for senior status, so those seats can be filled quickly and efficiently.”

Kamala Harris’ ex-boyfriend Willie Brown also recently stated that Cotchett is leading a commission to recommend judges to Biden. Cotchett is co-chairing the commission of lawyers, according to California Courts Newsroom.

As National File has noted, Joe Cotchett, a San Francisco trial lawyer, reportedly co-hosted a $1,500 to $10,000 per head fundraiser for Joe Biden’s presidential campaign in October 2019 in Palo Alto, California. Cotchett is closely tied to Biden. Described by POLITICO as “a longtime friend of Biden’s and prominent West Coast Biden bundler,” Cotchett lobbied for Tammy Duckworth to become Biden’s running mate. But Cotchett previously tried to seal records pertaining to his divorce, and certain allegations made by his art critic ex-wife Victoria.

SF Weekly reported on May 23, 2007: “In her March 28 sworn declaration, she accused Cotchett of being a name-calling tyrant, one who would push his kids’ faces into their plates, or pull them away from the table by their hair when they didn’t finish their meals. She also described him as a foul-mouthed heavy drinker who averaged one bottle of wine each evening and drove with a plastic glass of wine, sometimes when the girls were in the car with him. She claimed her hubby liked to walk around the house naked — even as the couple’s two daughters grew older and became uncomfortable with his nudity. When she asked him to stop, he allegedly screamed he would do “whatever he fucking well pleased,” according to her court declaration. (Cotchett filed depositions of a nanny and a housekeeper who said they never witnessed any sort of abuse.)”

Biden’s vice president Kamala Harris previously said that she believes a coterie of women including a former Nevada lieutenant governor candidate who accused Joe Biden of touching them inappropriately or kissing or sniffing them. This past statement could come back to haunt Harris now that she is Biden’s running mate.

“I believe them and I respect them being able to tell their story and having the courage to do it,” Kamala Harris said in April 2019, speaking in Nevada.

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