Biden restores relations with Palestinians as they praise Munich Olympics massacre

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Member of the Black September organization carrying out the attack on Israeli athletes at the Olympics in Munich in 1972

Joe Biden’s administration is resuming relations with the Palestinians and restoring payments to a United Nations agency that funds them just as the Palestinians remind the world that they regard the murder of the 11 Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympics as a “quality operation.”

The praise for the attack came in a new video posted by the ruling Fatah faction on the anniversary of the ‎death of Ali Hassan Salameh, one of ‎the planners of the 1972 Munich massacre, according to Palestinian Media Watch.

PMW noted that the term “quality operation” is a euphemism for a ‎successful terror attack against Israeli civilians.

In September 1972, eight Palestinian terrorists from the terror organization Black September, a ‎branch of Fatah, broke into the athletes’ village at the Munich Olympics and ultimately murdered 11 Israelis.

The Fatah Commission of Information and Culture’ narrator said, in the video: “Ali ‎Hassan Salameh was characterized by his long arm, which reached ‎across all of Europe, and by high intelligence that enabled him to hunt ‎Mossad agents. After he was appointed to command the special ‎operations (i.e., terror attacks) against the Israeli intelligence service in ‎the world, his name was connected to many quality operations, such as ‎sending explosive packages to many Mossad agents in Europe… ‎Salameh left a life story that turned him into a symbol of extraordinary ‎security activity. [This] was continued and is still being continued by his ‎students and those who love him, who view him as a beacon guiding ‎them on the path to liberation and return.”

Every year, on the anniversary of Salameh’s death as well as on the anniversary of the attack itself, PMW said, “the PA and Fatah ‎repeat this ritual of praising the terrorists and glorifying the attack.”

This year, along with the video, Fatah boasted that Salameh “kept the Israelis up at night with a series of operations.”

Biden’s ‘sharp turn’ from successful policy

After the Palestinians resisted a considerable effort to restart peace negotiations, the Trump administration decided to go directly to Israel’s Arab neighbors, resulting in the historic Abraham Accords.

An analysis in the Jerusalem Post cited Aaron David Miller, a long-standing Middle East peace negotiator under many American presidents, saying the peace treaties “upended American thinking about the centrality of the Israel-Palestinian dispute long considered to be the core of the broader Arab-Israeli conflict.”

The Post noted the international community disparaged the Trump administration’s efforts at first, failing “to anticipate the possibility of such an Arab-Israeli rapprochement.”

The Biden administration, however, has taken a “sharp turn,” NPR reported, by resuming contact with the Palestinians and the return of U.S. taxpayer support.

The changes were announced, NPR reported, in a virtual speech before the U.N. Security Council by Richard Mills, acting U.S. ambassador to the United Nations. Mills said Biden is committed to a two-state solution, with a secure Israel alongside a “viable Palestinian state.”

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