Biden Falsely Claims Nobody Yelled At Him When He Visited Ida Devastation, In Reality He Got Cursed At In New Jersey

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Joe Biden falsely claimed that nobody complained or yelled at him when he visited the regions affected by disastrous flood from Hurricane Ida. In reality, video went viral yesterday showing Biden being cursed at in New Jersey by residents who felt abandoned by the federal government.

“None of them were shouting or complaining, every one of them were thanking me as if it was something special, I mean this sincerely, that I was here,” Biden falsely claimed before reporters.

In reality, Biden made national news while being heckled by a group of individuals in New Jersey. “Is this a f**king photo op? You ain’t gonna do shit. Leave them in ruins and leave Americans behind, shit. You leave Americans behind,” the crowd then directed their anger at the police escorting Biden. “We will leave you behind, you guys, protecting him, we’ll leave you guys behind. Leave no American behind!”

It appears some protesters were referring to Biden’s disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan, while others were referring to the federal government’s lackluster response to the natural disaster.

As the New York Post reported, many detractors were holding signs and flags in support of President Donald Trump. One New Jersey man shouted, “Resign, you tyrant!” Elsewhere, “Multiple protesters were photographed giving the president a middle finger as he drove from Hillsborough Township to nearby Manville.” Another held a sign that read “F— Biden And F— You for Voting For Him.” Yet another read “Biden go back 2 the basement.”

Biden’s trip to New Jersey was fraught with embarrassing moments that highlighted the 78-year-old president’s apparently-failing mental faculties. At one point, he began discussing tornadoes, despite the region being hit by a hurricane, but quickly asserted that “they don’t call ’em that anymore.” It is not clear what Joe Biden believes tornadoes are actually called.

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