Biden Considering Revoking Trump’s Intel Access

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Joe Biden is considering revoking President Trump’s access to intelligence briefings, according to his press Secretary, after a reporter cited Democrats’ concern that Trump could ‘misuse’ or ‘leverage it to enrich himself’.

All former Presidents usually retain access to intelligence briefings, yet Press Secretary Jen Psaki told reporters that Biden’s national security team is ‘reviewing’ Trump’s clearance on the matter.

This is somewhat rich considering the evidence of Biden’s shady under the table deals with foreign entities, as reported on by the New York Post last year, leading to censorship of the outlet by big-tech.

Speaking of which, Psaki noted in the same conference Monday that the Biden administration is eager to work with social media overlords to crack down on ‘hate speech’.

The topic was stoked after a reporter asked Psaki if Trump’s removal from social media platforms has helped make COVID relief negotiations easier:

The comments come a day after the latest exposé by Project Veritas revealed hours of video obtained by an anonymous Facebook insider with Mark Zuckerberg and other executives admitting that they ‘have too much power’, and displaying their blatant partisanship and desire to work directly with Biden to forward the Democrat agenda.

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