Best Tropical Islands For Remote-Working Americans

Best Tropical Islands For Remote-Working Americans

Since the return to office is ‘dead,’ remote working has become a more permanent fixture this year. Working and living conditions are undergoing one of the most radical changes in decades, as some white-collar workers who aren’t bound by an office bounce between tropical destinations with their laptops and swimming suits.

Zenefits, a human resources software company, published a new report that ranks the top tropical islands for remote work based on seven factors: population, weather, internet speed, cost of accommodation, average daily budget, travel ease to the island from the US, and sightseeing, according to Bloomberg

The Dutch-Caribbean island of Curacao, Thailand’s Ko Pha Ngan, and Brazil’s Fernando de Noronha made the top three on the list. 

And it looks like this new normal of remote working is here to stay as the card-swipe data provided by Kastle Systems, the gold-standard measure of contemporary office-occupancy trends, shows less than half of US workers are back at their desks. 

While the remote boom started over two years ago during the pandemic when people used pre-existing home offices or makeshift ones in a spare bedroom or even worked from their living room couch, sitting at home, working endless hours for some corporation under your own roof gets boring. The need to explore but work half the time was detailed in “Remote-Working Americans Don’t Even Need Passport For World’s Best Work And Play City.”

Logically this would all suggest the coming commercial real estate bust — so far, nobody is panicking about all that empty office space… 

Tyler Durden
Thu, 07/28/2022 – 06:55

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