Apple Aids FBI in Protester Firebombing Investigation

Apple has turned over information on firebombing suspect Kelly Jackson, according to a report by Forbes published Monday morning.

The iDevice megacorporation seems to be cooperating with a federal investigation, despite an earlier conflict with the Trump administration in January over access to data stored on iPhones belonging to the Saudi terrorist who killed three U.S. sailors in Pensacola, Florida.

When the FBI received a tip about the identity of a suspect who allegedly firebombed two police vehicles in Seattle, WA, during the violent protests that erupted on May 30 after the death of George Floyd, they obtained Verizon account records as part of their investigation. The records confirmed Jackson’s location, what calls he made, and the phone used to do it.

The FBI then contacted Apple with a request for information on the iPhone 7’s iCloud account. Apple reportedly complied, sending federal investigators a wealth of potential evidence — including numerous photos and screenshots. One of these was a list of ingredients for the infamous “Molotov cocktail.”

Video footage gathered from the cloud also showed hands opening a bag with a bottle inside, and a similar bottle being thrown into the open window of a patrol car. There was additional footage of the thrower celebrating afterward, though his face was not visible. Jackson’s face was visible, however, in an image taken later the same day, on the same phone, wearing what appears to be the same sweatshirt.

Jackson has since been arrested for “unlawful possession of a destructive device and arson.” He has yet to file a plea, and his lawyer has not commented on the matter.

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