Another US Food Processing Plant Catches Fire, Add This To Growing List

Another US Food Processing Plant Catches Fire, Add This To Growing List

Another food processing plant went up in flames last weekend. Add this poultry business in California to the growing list of US food plants that have been knocked offline in the past year due to “accidental fires.”

Los Angeles-based KTLA reported QC Poultry processing plant in Montebello, California, located just east of East Los Angeles and southwest of San Gabriel Valley, caught fire around 1600 local time Sunday. Firefighters responded to the large industrial plant as heavy smoke billowed from the roof. 

🚨Breaking: Another food processing facility has caught on fire … Getting a little suspicious now …


— Wall Street Silver (@WallStreetSilv) August 30, 2022

“As members [firefighters] began to deploy, the fire was upgraded to a third alarm commercial fire. Firefighters initially took a defensive stance and held the fire from spreading to any other nearby structures,” Montebello Fire Department said. The fire was declared “knocked down” by 2000 local time. 

KTLA said there was no damage to other building structures nearby. The fire’s cause is unknown… 

While the fire seems insignificant, it’s part of a much larger issue of a spate of mysterious fires taking out America’s food supply chain one by one over the last year. 

We tallied a list in June of a couple dozen or more food processing plants that have caught fire (find the list here). 

Some on Twitter questioned if America’s food industry is being sabotaged… 

BREAKING REPORT: Major Fire Breaks Out at ANOTHER FOOD PROCESSING FACILITY, this time in Montebello, California…


— Chuck Callesto (@ChuckCallesto) August 30, 2022

On Sunday, a huge fire broke out at a commercial poultry processing plant in Montebello, CA.
A week before that, a fire destroyed a Dufur, Oregon vegetable/nut facility.
Week before that, a major fire destroyed a meat processing plant in New Hampshire.

Coincidence? Nah..

— 🇺🇸ProudArmyBrat (@leslibless) August 30, 2022

Man-made Famine,

Another US food factory fire in the US, poultry processor burns down in Montebello, Ca.

Belgian farmers in the Antwerp area insurrect government buildings, chants of “farmers.”

— 🇺🇸RealRobert🇺🇸 (@Real_RobN) August 30, 2022

Deym, we really are gonna eat bugs

— TradersApprentice (@Trader4lyf) August 30, 2022

… nothing to see here (story count of “food plant fire” in all media outlets). 

Remember, who wants the world to “eat bugs“: 

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