Twice-failed presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton fanned the flames on Friday after notorious street gang Latin Kings threatened retaliation against Chicago police officers following the shooting death of 13-year-old gang banger Adam Toledo, AKA, “Lil’ Homicide.”

On Thursday night Chicago police released extremely graphic bodycam footage of a police officer shooting a 13-year-old gang-banger.

An unidentified police officer fatally shot 13-year-old Adam Toledo on March 29. Chicago officials only released the video on Thursday night.

Adam Toledo, AKA “Lil’ Homicide,” was armed as the officer chased him down an alley.

Adam Toledo threw his hand gun moments before the police officer fatally shot him.

The Democrat-media complex is putting police officers in danger by purposely lying about this story.

CBS News shared deceptively edited police bodycam footage where they trimmed the right and left edges away to omit the portion of the video that shows Toledo holding a firearm.

Hillary Clinton piled on: “Another child killed by police,” she tweeted making it sound like cops are hunting down innocent children.

“Going to work, walking in the street, or being Black, Latino, or Asian American should not be a death sentence,” she said.

Violent clashes between police and left-wing rioters erupted in Chicago Friday night in response to the shooting death of Adam Toledo.

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