Abrams: Mail-in Voter Fraud Is ‘a Myth That Is Perpetuated by Donald Trump’

Wednesday on MSNBC’s “Andrea Mitchell Reports,” former Georgia Democratic gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams said President Donald Trump was perpetuating the “myth” that vote-by-mail is highly susceptible to fraud.

Abrams said, “They’re relying on lies, misinformation, and mendacity, to cover up for his inability to actually do his job. We know that vote by mail works. We know that every state in the nation has vote-by-mail. The issue is the scaling of that effort. What we are seeing happen in a number of states in the stumbles we’ve seen in some elections has been that people are desperate to be able to vote by mail. In New York and Kentucky, it was — I think it went from 5 percent to 50 percent requests. We know that in Georgia, we had an overwhelming number of people who sought to use that option. And in Wisconsin, they had to go to the Supreme Court to make certain that option was available.”

She continued, “Americans aren’t listening to the false science coming from Donald Trump. They’re listening to the evidence of their eyes, and they know COVID is dangerous. And they’re trying to protect themselves and still participate in our democracy. But the Senate has to step up and invest in the HEROES Act and make certain that every state in our nation that is going to called upon to use vote-by-mail, that they can actually meet the need and meet the demand. South Korea was able to run a national election in the midst of COVID-19. The United States should be able to do so too, but it’s going to require federal investment. But there is no discernible increase in voter fraud because of mail. Voter fraud is a myth that is perpetuated by Donald Trump to hide the fact that he knows that if there is full participation, he will likely not win.”

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