117 Ohio clergy say H.R. 5 establishes immoral ‘state religion’

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(FRONTLINESOHIO) – Known by its detractors as the “Federal Inequality Act,” H.R. 5 is being debated in the Senate after passing the House along party lines. This bill, along with companion SOGI legislation at the state level, promises to erase freedom of thought and belief, and mandate a specific belief system towards sexual ethics. According to some pastors in the Buckeye Bible Belt, not only will these unscientific bills discriminate against persons of faith, the proposed legislation will establish a new State Religion.

Last week, one hundred-seventeen leading clergy sent a correspondence to Ohio’s two U.S. Senators and to the Ohio Governor, State House Speaker, and Senate President listing their objections to H.R. 5 and the Ohio Fairness Act.

The clergy wrote, “H.R. 5 and the Ohio Fairness Act are in direct conflict with the separation of Church and State. If passed, these two pieces of legislation will establish a State Religion and position the State as a sacrilegious theological board that will prohibit free exercise of religion and erase the freedom of speech found in the First Amendment. It is indisputable that similar sexual orientation/ gender identity (SOGI) laws have already caused persons to suffer economic disenfranchisement in other states.”

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