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No, CPAC’s Stage Layout Wasn’t A Secret Nazi Symbol, And It’s An Offensive Claim With Zero Evidence - The Hyatt brand of hotels is the latest victim of a boycott campaign from leftist activists upset conservative leaders have… Read More
Is Anybody Fooled? Nikki Haley Praises Trump’s Glorious CPAC Speech After Her Vicious Attacks in January - According to an earlier report in February, neoconservative anti-Trumper Nikki Haley reached out to former President Trump to request a… Read More
Credit Crisis Spreads As Largest Texas Power Coop Files For Bankruptcy - Credit Crisis Spreads As Largest Texas Power Coop Files For Bankruptcy The Arctic blast and severe winter storms that pounded Texas weeks… Read More
NYT Haberman: Cuomo’s Apology Is ‘Breathtaking’ — He Knows He’s in ‘Real Trouble’ - New York Times correspondent Maggie Haberman said Monday on CNN’s “New Day” that Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s (D-NY) apology after a second… Read More
World Net Daily Teachers-union boss who led school closures caught dropping daughter off at private school - Berkeley Federation of Teachers President Matt Meyer caught on camera dropping off his daughter at a private school. (Video screenshot)… Read More
WATCH: Teachers Union Boss BUSTED Sending Own Child To Private School While Pushing School Closure - Berkeley Federation of Teachers president Matt Meyer was busted on camera taking his own child to preschool while also arguing… Read More
STOP THE STEAL: GOP Lawmakers in Swing States Move to Prevent Democrat Fraud and Return Voting Systems to Pre-2020 Rules - Democrat election violations: (left to right) Secret ballot counting in Georgia, Secret ballot deliveries at 3:30 AM in Detroit, Blocking… Read More